Will you help us?

How would you feel if you learned a charity you had supported for years was deceiving donors?

You’d probably wish you had known sooner. And you’d certainly want someone to stop them. That is the goal of the Charities for Vets campaign.

The newly established RAM Foundation and its website www.charitiesforvets.com are helping potential donors understand which are the best veteran charities worthy of their support.

Donations for veterans exceed $1 billion annually with much of it wasted or spent foolishly. And it is the veterans and donors who suffer. Imagine our impact on veteran lives if at least half of that poorly spent money had gone to organizations that were committed to spending money wisely.

In our research, we have determined 34 veteran support organizations should be considered “Highly Recommended” or “Recommended”. Others that we have researched and listed are “Not Recommended”. Many of them have records previously criticized by others. With your help, we can shine an even brighter light on those records. We hope those charities will improve their practices so that we can recommend them in the future.

Our rating system is based on publicly reported tax returns. Our opinion reflects money spent on salary programs, amount of overhead, fundraising practices and amounts of donations invested vs. used for veteran benefits. Our assessments are transparent. We feature a priority programs index. This highlights which service(s) a charity focuses at least 30% of their budget on so that donors are assured how their money is utilized. With your help, we will educate donors and divert that wasted money to those groups that support veterans effectively.

Consider that when you support our work, your tax-deductible contribution may make a much greater financial impact as we alert and educate millions of other potential donors with more facts. And donors can rely on our free recommendations service instead of spending hours doing original research. Donors can use this website to compare options among quality organizations.

This unique mission cannot be accomplished without advertising our rating system to potential donors.

With your support and other concerned Americans, we will change lives without having to raise more money. We only need to redirect hundreds of millions of dollars presently poorly spent to worthy organizations.

If you’re passionate about putting an end to veteran charity scams and have the ability to help by contributing, please join us in this effort. It’s an easy, meaningful and high-impact method to honor the service of all veterans in need. We are privileged to execute our mission in their honor. Tax-deductible donations can be made once, or as a convenient recurring gift.

All donors to the RAM Foundation will receive an annual update on our progress, spending, and a receipt for your tax records.