Troops Direct

Year Founded:



2400 Camino Ramon 105
San Ramon, CA



Top Leadership Pay:

President Aaron Negherbon, $156,000








Based on its 2020 tax return, we calculate that TroopsDirect spent 42.5 percent of its $4.2 million budget on overhead. This is higher than our recommended 25 percent overhead spending.

TroopsDirect used joint cost accounting for 19.2 percent of its budget. While legal, this accounting method can disguise overhead costs as program spending. We recommend that no more than 5 percent of a budget be allocated to joint cost accounting.

Insider transactions. According to the tax return for 2020, a company connected to a TroopsDirect board member received payment of $579,891 in exchange for providing logistics and supply chain management services to TroopsDirect.

We do not recommend giving to TroopsDirect. See our lists of Highly Recommended Charities and Recommended Charities for alternatives.

Mission Statement

Troops Direct augments the United States military supply chain by providing American forces with critically needed items that cannot be accessed through conventional government channels. Troops Direct specializes in medical, operational, and tactical support with a focus on increasing mission efficacy and the safety of our service members. Additionally, Troops Direct advocates for our military through public outreach & education regarding the needs and risks associated with their service. This outreach empowers Americans to let our service members know that they are acknowledged and supported.