HonorBound Foundation

Year Founded:



PO Box 2465
Darien, CT



Top Leadership Pay:

President Pamela Kushner, $101,415








Based on its 2020 tax return, we calculate that HonorBound Foundation spent 55.7 percent of its $2 million budget on overhead. This is higher than our recommended 25 percent overhead spending.

According to the New York Attorney General, HonorBound Foundation engaged in solicitations that raised $17,816,723.88 from 2005 to 2020, but only $3,289,721.84 (18.5 percent) of this total was spent for the charity, with the rest going to the fundraising firms. Read more here.

We do not recommend giving to HonorBound Foundation. See our lists of Highly Recommended Charities and Recommended Charities for alternatives.

Mission Statement

Serving our country requires unparalleled courage and commitment, and veterans nationwide have made sacrifices to protect our country and our freedoms. But the unfortunate truth is that many veterans struggle to find stability while adjusting to everyday life after service. HONOR BOUND’S mission reflects our commitment to providing timely aid to veterans across the country. Our nationwide partnerships with case workers, social workers from the VA, and other veteran organizations increase our reach and impact where it’s needed most.