Air Force Aid Society

Year Founded:



1550 Crystal Drive NO 809
Arlington, VA 22202



Top Leadership Pay:

CEO LT GEN John D Hopper, USAF, Ret., $226,771








Based on its 2019 tax return, the net assets of the Air Force Aid Society equal 17.2 times its budget of $12.2 million. This may be an indication that the group is spending too little of its donations on programs. We recommend net assets exceed no more than 3 years of the group’s annual budget.

Furthermore, the 2019 tax return of the Air Force Aid Society showed the group had $18,047,763 invested outside the United States. The largest portion (more than $10 million) was invested in Central America and the Caribbean. Almost $6.5 million was in Canada or Mexico. More than $1.3 million was in Europe. The remainder ($111,669) was invested in East Asia and the Pacific.

We do not recommend giving to the Air Force Aid Society. See our lists of Highly Recommended Charities and Recommended Charities for alternatives.

Mission Statement

Support U.S. Airmen and their families with emergency financial and educational assistance.